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Roasting 101 – Igniting the Roaster and Shutting it Off

Hi. Dave Borton, Mill City Roasters

continuing segment in Roasting 101.

Today’s session, we’re going to talk about

how you turn the unit on, and how you turn the unit off.

Before you go ahead and turn it on, what I’d like you

to do is check your chaff collector.

Make sure that you Shopvac’ed all that chaff out

from your last roast.

When you double check and ensure that nobody has

roast and left you a mess…

Go ahead and check it.

Okay, so let’s turn the unit on.

First thing I’m going to do is turn the power switch on.

Then, the PID controller will walk through its setup steps.

I’m going to come down to the airflow and I’m going to

check and i’m going to set it at medium.

You need some airflow, always, when you ignite

those burners to sweep that gas up

into the area where they’re ignited.

Turn the lever up to about sixty percent…

Hit the ignition switch.

You’re good to go – you’re roasting.

Now, what I’m going to do at this point is

I’m going to turn on the time switch

and i’m going to pre-warm this roaster for 40 minutes.

You’ve got 230 pounds of steel here that I want

that I want fully heated before I do that first roast.

When I roast, I don’t want energy diverted into

heating… preheating… the roaster.

I want all of that energy driven into the beans,

so I pre-warmed the unit for 40 minutes.


Now what I’m going to do is

I’m going to turn the gas down to a point that

I know that unit will hover about 400 degrees at

the center that that drum.

Very important:

double check and make sure your drum is turning.

The reason for that…

If that drum isn’t turning, you’ve got one spot in that

drum where all that heat energy is going.

So double check & make sure that your drum is turning.

Turning the unit off – simple.

You’ve been roasting…

You’re probably at about 400 degrees.

So what you’re going to do, after you drop

that last charge of beans, is

turn your airflow up to one hundred percent.

That helps cool the unit…

and , as well,

what I do is: I wait until the PID reads 250 or lower.

I’m going to shut the gas off at the unit…

then I’m going to go around to the rear…

and I’m going to shut down the gas main into the unit.

We’re at 250…

Now it’s safe to turn the unit off.

That’s all there is to it.

Thanks for looking in.

Look for other segments on Roasting 101

from Mill City Roasters.

See you next time.


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